About Our Historic Lodge

The Lodge

The beautifully restored early 20th century rustic lodge is perfect for any event that desires a touch of nature. Thousands of hours were spent tirelessly by a small army of volunteers to transform the space a wonderful space for your next event. Newly renovated floors, new chairs, outdoors decks, and bathrooms make this a perfect venue for your next event. 
With plenty of space both indoors and outdoors, the Izaak Walton Lodge is a great place to host weddings, parties, family reunions, receptions or other events that require plenty of space for seating, dancing, bands or DJ’s.

A Spot in Nature

A 2,800 square feet deck is perfect for onsite nuptials or to host an outdoor event. The deck has a gorgeous view of the surrounding property including Juday Creek. Also overlooking Juday Creek and the Izaak Walton property, the second deck on the back of the lodge allows a private area for guests to spread out, enjoy the surroundings, and have a good time!

Calander of Events

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If you have a confirmed date you would like to book (not marked as busy in the calendar), would like a showing of the lodge, or have other questions, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Tables Available - Approximately 40, 8 foot by 2.5 foot rectangular brown tables. Of course, you are welcome to rent your own.
Chairs Available - 220 brown folding, padded chairs. Again, you may rent your own elsewhere, if this does not suit your needs.
Lodge Capacity - Approximately 220 people.
Refrigeration - 2 large approx 5 foot by 2.5 foot depth industrial refrigerators and 1 deep freezer.
Cooking - Not allowed.
Restrooms - Located in basement, down a flight of stairs. A portable, roll-in type facility is located right outside the lodge. We looked into moving the restrooms upstairs, but due to constraints on floor area, the age of the lodge, and other factors, it is not practical.
We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Liquor - Alcohol is permitted. You must hire a licensed bartender to serve at your event and our hired security personnel is required to come to the park and or/inside the lodge during your event several hours before it ends. For their services, an additional $60 charge will be added to the rental fee.
Please note that all arrangements are conducted by volunteers of the Izaak Walton League. We appreciate your patience in our response time and scheduling of hall showings.