Izaak Walton offers a summer league on a world class outdoor field range as well as a 28 target outdoor wooded archery course. The outdoor archery range has hosted many regional tournaments and attracts some of the best shooters in the nation. The outdoor range is available to members anytime in the spring, summer, and fall during the park's normal open hours (dawn to dusk).

We also offer indoor 20-yard league through the Winter months. Whether traditional or just tuning up for the upcoming hunting season, Izaak Walton League can offer true-to-life shooting challenges for both the amateur and the professional. The courses cater to professionals in both  men’s and women’s competition shooting.

Please note that crossbows not recommended because our targets are not speed approved to stop pass throughs from high speed crossbow bolts. We intend to have a speed-approved target installed this year on the open field to accommodate crossbows.



Tick Prevention

Indiana has a growing tick population including those that carry Lyme disease. If walking off the main trails at Izaak, please check yourself and your pets for ticks after your walk. Bug spray does help, but is not a foolproof method. Learn more about ticks in Indiana.