Hiking in South Bend

Hiking at the Izaak Walton Nature Park

The Ponds Trail: The Ponds Trail circles the Upper and Lower Ponds. This Trail can be reached by the Juday Creek Trail, the Fieldstone Grill Path, the Caretaker’s Run, and the road. Parking and Picnic Areas are available along the trail.

Juday Creek Trail: The Juday Creek Trail follows Juday Creek through the property. This trail can be reached from the lodge, the ponds, and Brook Trails Trail. This trail offers access from the lodge to the Spillway and the Ponds.

East Bank Trail: This trail begins on the western side of the Third Pond Loop and runs parallel to the St. Joe River. Sites on this trail include the head of a natural spring, the St. Joe River, and several unique tree species. Note, the trail crosses several small creeks where there are no bridges causing the trail to be inaccessible at times due to water levels.

Third Pond Loop: The third pond loop circles the third pond and can be accessed from the Emergency Road trail and the Brook Trails Trail. This trail is also the starting point of the East Bank Trail and offers great views of St. Mary’s.
Emergency Road: This trail begins at the lodge and runs past the archery range leading to the Third Pond Loop.

Brook Trails Trail: This trail starts at the Lodge and the Third Pond Loop and runs along the property’s eastern border; Brook Trails Subdivision.

Upper Ridge Trail: The Upper Ridge Trail begins near the entrance and connects to the Juday Creek Trail. To prevent erosion, descend stairs carefully.
Fieldstone Grill Path: This path connects the Pond, the Lodge, the meadow, the road, and the spillway.

Archery Course: The Archery Course begins and ends at the Archery Range and contains 28 targets throughout the course. Enter only through the entrance; do not navigate the course backwards. Use caution while on the course.


Tick Prevention

Indiana has a growing tick population including those that carry Lyme disease. If walking off the main trails at Izaak, please check yourself and your pets for ticks after your walk. Bug spray does help, but is not a foolproof method. Learn more about ticks in Indiana.