Caretaker Casey Collier's Passing

As I'm sure many of you have already heard, our outstanding caretaker for the past 10 years, Casey Collier passed away on Memorial day. Quite fitting for the tough Vietnam veteran who received the Purple Heart along with other honors for his service to our Country. Casey always managed to take care of whatever needed to be done and he will be dearly missed around the park and in our lives. You can read Casey's obituary here.

His loss has created a void that needs to be filled. We are actively seeking his replacement. We want to first rely on our membership for suggestions. Please contact anyone below if you have questions or suggestions. The position is unique. It requires equipment and maintenance skills along with communication skills. It’s technically a volunteer position with “payment” being use of the caretaker’s house with utilities.

President, Mike Hay - 271-0973
Vice President, John Manuszak - 850-4550
Secretary, JC Sporleder - 277-4292
Fish & Outdoor Recreation, Tim Kanczuzewski - 340-0842