Phragmites Reed Issue on Third Pond

On Sunday 9-11-16, a volunteer work party sprayed the Phragmite reeds that have infested the 3rd Pond at the Saint Joseph County Chapter, Izaak Walton facility in South Bend, Indiana.  

The Phragmite reeds are a fast-growing, non-native, invasive aquatic plant that can reach heights of 12-feet and that form thickets so dense that they prevent the growth of virtually any other vegetation. Left unchecked, the Phragmite reed infestation has the potentially to quickly spread across most of the area of the 3rd pond.  In addition to displacing native vegetation, the Phragmite thickets provide poor-to-no value as a food source or habitat for native wildlife, and they block access to the pond for fishing. 

The reeds were selectively sprayed with "Shore-Klear Plus", a recommended Glyphosate herbicide specially formulated for use on aquatic plants such as Phragmites and that is safe for fish.  Taking advantage of the low water level in the pond, it was possible to reach much of the reed areas by walking and wading.  In other areas, a canoe was used to access the reeds for spraying.  Most areas of the reeds were sprayed around the perimeter of the pond, although in some of the very dense areas of the reed infestation, it was impossible to reach all the reeds for spraying (follow-up spraying likely will be needed next year).

It is expected the seed fronds will be burned later in the winter, followed by a second round of spraying and burning next year.