Reminder - Call in Your Dinner Reservations Today and Learn About Owls

Dinner starts at 6:30 P.M. Program starts at 7:30 P.M.

Menu: Corned beef and cabbage with the trimmings

Cost: $9 adults $5 12 and under

Call in your reservations by Mon. March 14th at 272-3660

We welcome back Mr. Rick Glassman from the St. Joe County Soil and Water Conservation District to the IKES on Wednesday, March 16th. Mr. Glassman, will present a program rich in facts describing the features and habits of the 8 species of Owls native to Indiana.    

Rick will have many owl artifacts on hand for us IKES to examine and learn from. Mr. Glassman has visited the South Bend schools over the years and brought his menagerie of snakes and amphibians to ease the students’ fears and teach the benefits of these creatures.